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I am very pleased that you have found your way to following my blog about the All Seasons Portfolio. Let me take a few moments here to tell you why I got around to blogging about investing and why I so strongly believe that what I do here is important and matters.

My name is Nicholas Ahonen, and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

My journey to where I stand today began with a degree in Business Law, before I started in banking and, at the same time, blogging for a Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform. Still, I count both of these as my current occupations.

At Danske Bank, I work in Loan Agency, which means that in syndicated loans (huge business loans with multiple lenders), in the role As Facility Agent and Security Agent, I represent the lenders during the life time of a loan agreement. It is a great job, and I love it, thanks to it being so dynamic that there are always new challenges. I thrive when I learn.

I also side hustle, which I have always found very rewarding. I blog for – a Swedish Real Estate Crowdfunding platform – with multiple posts per months. This is a whole lot of fun as I get to do what I enjoy and getting som remuneration for it: I get to write and not only that, I have a quite free mandate to write about what I find interesting. It is also a great opportunity to write and educate about personal finance, investing and self expansion.

I always try to improve myself by learning, and I also I look for opportunities to make other people’s life better, one step at the time. I believe the best way to do so is by the gift of knowledge. And by giving someone knowledge about personal finances and wealth, I believe that we can also help people grow from having limited means, to a stable income to being wealthy and free. I want to inspire people to grow, and not only in terms of finances, but as persons.

Starting to invest

When I was 17 I did my first trade with stocks. I had not done any particular research on how you invest, but started out together with a few friends at high school. Trial and error is my preferred learning experience. I think that the first stock I owned was two shares in H&M. I remember I bought them in December just a few weeks before Christmas. I only owned them for a day or so before I sold them at a small profit. In fact, the whole profit was erase by trading fees but that didn’t matter. I had tried and the profit on paper was enough to get me excited. I had learned something.

Wanting to help small business owners, I chose to study business law at Linköping University. During my time there, what I enjoyed the most was the writing of my bachelor and master theses. Both were on different aspects of the legislation of crowdfunding – being financing methods for small businesses – and in between writing these two lengthy texts, I also wrote and published a book on the subject (ISBN: 9789172236462) in my spare time when not studying. This really helped me practice more grit – while writing about a subject I was passionate about. The second thesis, however, while still about crowdfunding, was more aimed towards protection of investors for equity crowdfunding investing. Helping investors and people through my knowledge in finance, has been my calling and what my makes my heart sing.

What made me start the All Seasons Portfolio blog?

That is why I started this All Seasons Portfolio blog. It can help people in so many ways financially, and you don’t even need to be that financially literate. As long as you have a decent broker where you can find the basic ETFs, you can get started.

I have met so many people without even the slightest financial safety net. I am sure you know someone too who does not know how the financial markets work and how it can help them build wealth. It doesn’t need to be great ‘wealth’, but rather a safety net if one looses the one’s job or to have a decent life when retiring. People close to me – family members – are lacking a decent pension due to financial choices in the past and do not know what to do with the money they got.

When you are not so knowledgeable of the mechanics of the financial markets, you are at the same time extremely afraid that your money will be lost. It is improbable that you will loose all your money when buying mutual funds or ETFs, but you may from time to time see the value decrease. That fear, is even triggered when the portfolio value drops even a few percentage points. But, such bumps, are to great extent lowered with the All Seasons Portfolio Strategy.

The beauty with the All Seasons Portfolio is also that its growth is stable and does not crash in the same way as portfolios that are 100% allocated in stocks. Neither is it as volatile as gold nor as slow-growing as bonds. But when you combine these asset classes, their movements counter each other, and actually gives you stable growth from year to year.

But how do you teach someone inexperience about portfolio strategies and investing if you are the one who is passionate about it? The conclusion I reached was: you show them. That is why, I sacrifice my very personal details about my financial life, in order for you to learn. What I offer you, is a very basic gift when I talk about my life, my portfolio and my investing.

On these pages I give you me and my experiences, and I always welcome your comments and questions.

And all I want in return, is for you to do your best to grow.


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