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Portfolio Deep Dive – Why invest in Commodities and about Invesco Bloomberg Commodity ETF

Let's take a slight break from the normal routine, shall we? Up until now, I have only posted on this blog once per month with my monthly updates. In those updates, I have included some additional flavor on different investment related subjects, such as tips to invest your pay raise in March or about why you as an European should consider investing in America back in April.

Today, I want to have a slightly different approach. Rather than combining this post with a monthly update, I will do a deep dive in certain aspects of my portfolio, in its own article. This way, it will be easier to truly focus on one subject, while hopefully maintaining your attention.

My portfolio currently consists of 10 different ETFs (October 2019). When I am done building my portfolio, it will be composed by 23 different ETFs according to my plan. However, let us today dive in a bit deeper into one of these ETFs that I intend shall have an approximate share of 7.5% of the portfolio value in the All Seasons Portfolio, namely Invesco Bloomberg Commodities UCITS ETF.

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Portfolio Update – October 2019 – Should you really avoid debt?

Good to have you back for the 10th portfolio update of my All Seasons Portfolio. October has been a good month and I hope that you too have enjoyed the autumn so far. With the falling darkness and bad weather, at least portfolio growth sheds some light in our lives.

The past months, I have been struggling with adding new funds to the portfolio, and I haven't made any new additions since June really. Now, however, I have added about EUR 264 and went shopping for Mid Term Government Bonds. I did this in spite of my anticipated cash outflow coming in November to the tax authorities, by increasing my indebtedness and took a loan to pay my taxes. But aren't loans a bad thing?

Many are taught from a young age that debt is an inherently bad thing and that it should be avoided at all cost. The truth is, however, that you can accelerate your life and portfolio growth with a moderate amount of debt. Debt in itself is not dangerous, but rather the monthly cash flow that follows to service the debt can be disastrous.

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Portfolio Update – September 2019 – Graphs that show that the strategy works

Preparations have now started in my household, for the autumn and winter ahead. Shorts and light shirts are packed in my storage unit, and out have long johns, turtle necks and thick warm jackets come. Dreadful moment when you realize that colder weather is coming. Here in Stockholm, Sweden, it is already touching 0 degrees Celsius during night time. I have vowed to myself that I will, one day, retire in a southern country, with a warmer climate. Tuscany or Sardinia are high up on my wish list. If you are from a Mediterranean country, hook me up with tips!

Before I can retire, I fear I have a few years left in the work force (being still 26). If I want to head down that road sooner, I would need to build some more to my wealth, which, coincidentally, is part of the purpose with my All Seasons Portfolio, that is besides educating about finance. Regardless, it is important to have goals, short term goals and measurable progress when investing. Tuscany is my end goal.

As was the case in August, I have not been able to add any new funds into my account. It pains me a bit, because I enjoy seeing the numbers grow and I am a strong believer in saving and investing. But, I still have a chunky EUR 4,000 to contribute to the tax authorities in November, so prioritizing that for the moment.

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Portfolio Update – August 2019 – Let your money work for you

This post is written far too late, in my own opinion, and I would have expected it to be posted about two weeks ago. But, I am sure you are familiar with the concept of daily life and its habit to sometimes get in the way. With this portfolio, I am working on my journey towards financial freedom, but I am not at my goal yet, and my work is, albeit it very interesting, also demanding.

Unless I have already written about it in the past, I work at a Nordic bank with syndicated loans, for which the short explanation is "so big loans to corporates and companies, that you need multiple banks to finance them". Basically, when you have two or more lenders to one borrower (with loans most commonly starting at €100 million and upwards), I am working with representing the group of lenders as their joint voice towards the borrower. Maybe it is more exciting in real life than it sounds, but it keep me happy.

Speaking of work, that is also what I wanted to discuss today before going into the monthly update. Today, most people work for money, and that is why they are not rich. Instead, you should make your money work for you by investing it. That way, your money will bring you more money, and you are on your way towards financial freedom. I think that this may be a quote from Robert Kiyosaki (my memory fails me this minute of writing). Regardless, I am sure you were already aware of that concept as you are interested in investing (I'd assume that is why you are here on my blog).

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Portfolio Update – July 2019

Hi there!

I hope you and your portfolio are doing well, despite the latest turbulence on the stock markets.

We have now seen July pass, and thus it is now time to summarize how my All Seasons Portfolio did on a month-to-month basis. This month, I have actually not added any funds to the portfolio, partly to compensate for my aggressive injections during the first half of the year and partly as I have had some one-off expenses in my private life to consider this month. I will get back on the investing track soon again.

So, all in all, there have been no dramatic movements that have caused so much change in the allocations since the June update. The splits are fairly equal, as the individual movements of each asset class have been rather small and aligned. For example, gold saw a huge jump in June, but has now stabilized in July at around USD 1,400/oz, although it has again increased some at the time of writing in August.

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Portfolio Update – June 2019

Hi! Great to have you back here.

Rather amazingly, I have now surpassed my first real milestone with this blog where I share my experiences with the All Seasons Portfolio investment strategy. I have now been doing this for 6 months and to me, that is something worth celebrating. Already in that short period of time, I have been able to accumulate a decent amount of funds into my portfolio, and with good progress at that.

June has been a great summer month here in Sweden. Good weather and people are coming out from their winter hibernation. Stock markets were a bit shaky though since we last encountered for the May update, and there are many reasons behind it.

Threats of trade war between US and China and its impact on Chinese and American companies, threats of actual war between US and Iran and its impact on the oil market, and uncertainty in Europe around the next British Prime Minister and Italy's budget deficit. Investors are therefore not certain of what the stock market will bring in the near future. Thus, there has been a great appetite for alternative investments and safe-havens, in other words, gold.

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