Getting started with the All Seasons Portfolio

So excited to get this project of mine started and to be honest, I have been looking forward for a while to write this first blog post, and I am slightly nervous about it too. It is Christmas time 2018 when I begin to write this and am embarking on this journey to start my own All Seasons Portfolio from scratch, and to help as many as possible with starting to save and to invest, I will share my journey to try to inspire, educate, and hopefully, get you started as well on switching your spending habits or non-interest bearing bank accounts to accumulating enough wealth to feel secure.

You may have been spending Christmas traveling to relatives or setting up for the holidays at your own home, I have spent this time with my family as well, but escaped a few hours to look into how to put the All Seasons Portfolio into practice, but I'll come to that slightly further below. The weekend 22-23 December has been amazing to take a break from the day job and finding new inspiration - the extra days off during Christmas are great for just such a purpose. Try it out next time yourself to find new ways of improving yourself.

I first came across the All Seasons Portfolio from Tony Robbins' book Money Master the Game (where, to be honest, most readers first encounter this investment strategy), where Ray Dalio elaborates how his jaw-droppingly successful asset management firm, Bridgewater Associates, manages their Pure Alpha fund.

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