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Thank you very much for your visit to this blog about the All Seasons Portfolio. I hope you have found my posts here helpful and that you too believe that it is an important mission to educate and inspire regular people about investing and avoiding unnecessary risk.

At least I strongly believe that it is important to spread knowledge about saving and investing to the general public, and I recognize that not everyone can afford great volatility in ones portfolio. That is just one of the benefits of the All Seasons Portfolio strategy.

If you agree with me, I kindly ask if you would help support this cause and cover the costs of maintaining this website and allow me to continue work with educating and inspiring, as well as mutual learning through discussion. To facilitate you to lend a hand on this journey, I have employed Patreon, and you can contribute with as little than the equivalent of a cup of coffee per month.

But what is Patreon? As you may have already know, is a type of a crowdfunding site, which allows patrons to support creators and other beneficial services with small amounts each month. The benefit for the creator is that the cash-flow becomes more foreseeable, allowing to plan content creation and other activities in a better way.

The supports, on the other side, benefit from this monthly approach with that you would not need to make one big commitment up front when supporting the cause. Instead of contributing e.g. €50 at once for a crowdfunding campaign, you could contribute €5 over 10 months, which has less impact on your monthly budget.

Why do I use Patreon?

I started the All Seasons Portfolio blog for two main reasons. Firstly, my man goal is to educate non-professional investors and regular people to save and to do so with a strategy that minimizes risk, and secondly, it has been extremely hard to find good content regarding the All Seasons Portfolio strategy on the web which is aimed to Europeans (or non-Americans for that matter), so I saw that there was a need to fill.

So I put my own money on the line and educate and inspire by showing what I do, what lessons I learn and how I think. It requires me to be very transparent and open about my personal finances and my opinions on the internet, available to anyone, and at times, I feel quite exposed.

However, it has never deterred me to continue working for my cause to educate about personal finance, as this is an increasingly important topic, especially when considering the challenges we will be facing in just a few years on the job market with robotization and with respect to pensions with demographical challenges. Good personal finance content related to risk averse investing is very much needed. 

Maintaining a blog requires a fair share of work. Especially this kind of blog which is based on personal finance and data, it is not only to sit down and write for an hour and then you are done. No, it requires many more hours of my spare time to process the investment data, research for blog posts and otherwise keep the site up and running.

Currently, I am doing all of this work without compensation, and have been doing so since December 2018. It is a hobby project, and I love doing it, but if there was a way to not only give away my time and energy for free to anyone with internet access, but to also get something small in return as a token of appreciation, then I would be extremely grateful. It is not easy commit hours away from family and friends without anything to show for it.

Then, I have certain out of pocket expenses that need to be covered related to the site, which is related to paying my hosting provider and domain costs. These are the costs I am first and foremost looking to cover.

How are you benefiting?

If you would commit to supporting my project, which I would sincerely be appreciative of, I will try my best to make it worth your while. I will do so by giving some perks here on the Patreon site, which will not be available on the normal blog. I will list a few such perks here below:

Early access to content

I will make posts available beforehand on the Patreon site. For example, in the past I have written special topic posts that are not only monthly profile updates. These have been posts about investing in Commodities and about investing in negative-yielding bonds.

These kinds of posts, which I call Deep Dive posts, I really enjoy writing because then I can really dig in to a topic that is valuable for many others to read as well. One such topic I will be writing about in the near future is about EUR hedged ETFs. 

These kinds of post and information, I will be making available first on the Patreon site, and then posting it on the blog later. At least for Deep Dive posts, I will employ a 2-3 month delay before making them available to the general public.

Patreon only content

Certain content I will only make available on the Patreon site. It still remains to be seen exactly what kind of content that would be, but at the very least, some shorter blog posts and information would only be shared with the patrons.

Moreover, the patrons will be able to use this Patreon site as a forum in another way than is currently possible in the comment section on the blog, giving you access to more people who shares your interest in All Seasons Portfolio investing.

I love building this community where we all share the interest in and the passion for the All Seasons Portfolio strategy, and I always look forward to interacting with you as readers. I hope to be able to do so even more on this page, and I’d love to hear from you. 

For any suggestions on topics or other input on the topic, I will in the first instance turn to the Patron community. So here, you will have a better opportunity to influence the discussion and knowledge base on the blog.

Does this sound interesting? 

If you have had any use of the content I have written for the past years, and gotten some new ideas for your investing and for implementing your strategies, feel free to contribute just €1 per month as a tip and a “thank you”. Would you treat me for a monthly coffee? That would warm my heart, and help me keep this blog going.


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