Reading is a key habit of the wealthy.

On your way toward financial independence, it is important to always be learning new information and increase your understanding of the world. This is best achieved by reading books and by reading in general. Always be seeking new information to add to what you already know.

Here I have collected my 5 favorite books on personal finance, that all have helped me a tonne to enhance my financial position, and that have changed my way of thinking about my wealth and to plan for my future. These books have been immensely influential for me when deciding on investing with the All Seasons Portfolio Strategy.

Do you have any good reading tips on your own? Share them in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

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Principles: Life and Work

Principles: Life and Work, is the first part of two by Ray Dalio – the man behind Bridgewater Associates and the All Seasons Portfolio. He famously structures his investment and management decisions in a set of rules, or “principles” to live by, and here he shares his principles in life and work.

The second book, about his investment principles for investing, has not yet been published, but in the meantime, you can find a lot of inspiration from Ray Dalio in this piece where he reveals what principles has helped him build Bridgewater Associates from nothing to one of the world’s most successful asset managers.

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The Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon is a classic book on money, personal finance and investing, and which is written in sort of an alternative style. Here, fundamental teachings of personal finance are explained and visualized by way of short fictional essays taking place in the ancient city of Babylon, considered to be one of the wealthiest places in history. These essays explain to the reader in a simple and understandable way, the fundamentals of generating money and personal wealth, and how to manage that money by investing it.

The key personal finance that everyone should know are taught in this book, and these include “paying yourself first”, “living within your means”, “investing in what you know”, “the importance of long term saving” and “owning your home”.

The lessons of this book are similar to what you would find in other self-help books, but it will help the message to really sink in, when you read it in another form. That way, you will really adopt the philosophies of successful investing. This is one of my favorite books on personal finance and I hope its advice is as helpful to you.

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Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

If you have found your way to this blog and have grown interested in the All Seasons Portfolio Strategy, chances are that you first encountered Money Master The Game: 7 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom by life coach Tony Robbins. It is namely in this book that Ray Dalio shares this strategy to a wider audience after having been interviewed by Robbins.

If you haven’t read this book already, it offers a great variety of tips for personal finance and to secure your financial freedom. Get out of the rat race and start building your wealth and stop being enslaved by a job you are not completely satisfied with.

Robbins interviews many successful people, leading in their fields, to collect their accumulated knowledge in a handy format to teach you how to think about money, your career and your pension. For anyone seeking motivation to get started, Tony Robbins is a great read, and my pro tip is to give this book a shot.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a personal finance classic by Robert T Kiyosaki. Having grown his fortune from mainly real estate (and an self-help and book selling empire), Robert Kiyosaki shares his thoughts on mindsets that you need to adopt if you want to become financially independent.

The key is to leave income where your income is linear to the amount of time you put in, such as at your day job or if you are self employed. Instead, you will need to seek passive income, where the amount you earn is not linked to your hours spent on work. This, you can achieve by being an investor or a business owner.

This book helps you identify opportunities to find passive income and to grown your wealth, and it is a good read for those looking to escape the rat race.

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Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, is considered on of the best reads on money. Written in 1937, this true classic was one of the first books in the personal-success genre.

The book will help you to increase your income, but while it is written mostly with the subject on money in mind, its philosophy translates well into other areas in life where you wish to increase your success.
The three described key elements for reaching success is desire, faith and persistence, and by applying the 14 principles laid out by the author, you will find a strategy to achieve your long-term goals.

So if you are looking for motivation to take the next step toward reaching your goals, whatever they might be, this is the book to read.

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