Insights – Convex Returns: The Key to a Diversified Portfolio

Diversification is the fundamental feature of portfolio management and asset allocation, but is there more to it than just measuring correlation and calling it a day?

In this article, we look more closely into the concept of convex return relationships between assets, ensuring that diversifiers perform and thus protect against the drawdowns of other assets in the portfolio.

Convex diversification profiles play an important role in the All Seasons Portfolio for making drawdowns shallower and creating opportunities for earning rebalancing premiums.

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Insights – Has gold lost its status as an inflation hedge?

In 2022, inflation made its presence clear and undeniable. While it can be argued whether we experienced an inflation "surprise", investors were reminded of the importance of inflation hedges in their portfolios as stocks and bonds suffered.

Gold is one such inflation hedge, but he narrative in financial media has bashed its capabilities of protecting against inflation in 2022, as the gold price ($) was barely flat for the year.

In today's article, we will be reviewing whether gold has lost its appeal as an inflation hedge, or if it rather needs to be viewed from a different angle.

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Portfolio Update – February and March 2023

It is time for the combined February and March portfolio update, which were two months when the All Seasons Portfolio showed two different faces.

The US headline inflation rate keeps declining, landing at 6% in March.

All eyes are now fixed on economic growth, with investors searching for indicators of whether a recession is coming, and, if so, when it will hit. The rising interest rates are finding they ways to the economy, with the March banking scares being a symptom thereof (albeit a seemingly isolated event in SVB).

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