Simplified Portfolio Tracker Lite


The Portfolio Tracker Simplified Lite is a useful resource for easily tracking a portfolio of up to 10 assets.

With this Google Spreadsheet you get:

  • Reminders and suggestions for rebalancing your portfolio based on divergence sensitivity of your choice (how much holdings may deviate from your aimed allocation)
  • Suggestions of where to allocate monthly savings
  • Key performance data of your portfolio such as, return, volatility and portfolio correlation for the last 12 months, as well as Value-at-Risk measures

Get started tracking your balanced portfolio with this handy tool already today!

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The Simplified Portfolio Tracker Lite is a simple tool that helps you keep track of your portfolio allocations and get reminders when it is time to rebalance your portfolio.

You can track your portfolio in any currency and get reminders and hints on how to rebalance your portfolio, based on divergence sensitivity of your choice. The Spreadsheet also suggest were to allocate your monthly savings.

Build a portfolio of up to 10 assets/ETFs and insert aimed allocations and your current holdings, and the Spreadsheet will then do the rest.

You will also find fundamental data of your portfolio. Based on the assets selected and their weights, you here receive an overview of the portfolio’s model return last 12 months, its volatility and portfolio correlations, as well as Value-at-Risk measures.

This is the perfect simple tool for getting an easy overview of a balanced portfolio!


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